RAF Hendon is a perfect example of D3 Designs expertise in providing multiple design concepts and installations for a specific client and location.

D3 Design worked in partnership with RAF Hendon from commissioning to ensure that whatever concepts we were creating, it was essential that they would be in keeping with the museum, the era and key period features of their location.

Working closely with the client, the striking Wessex Café design was created. This Wessex café concept is based on the historic Wessex Helicopter which stands proud and dynamic alongside the other helicopters within the museum. We matched the vibrant colour scheme of the helicopter, and design details of the servery counter are in keeping the metalwork seen on the Wessex.

Theming the concept was challenging but rewarding adding a unique destination to the venue.

The second location, the Wings restaurant (which is also called ‘Echo Alpha Tango’) is a reflection of a World War Two mess hall style dining area. Finished in timber slatwood, the Wings concept design fits perfectly within this historical environment.

D3 Design is highly experienced at working in partnership with clients such as RAF Hendon to deliver multiple catering units, to budget, within specific timescales and as sensitively as possible, especially considering the nature of this location.

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