The dated coffee bar was due a well needed update, so D3 were asked to redesign the space to fit a more modern college lifestyle.

The brief was to create a ‘high street’ coffee bar, with enough storage to help with the overflow stock from the main kitchen.

We divided the space to create a self-contained store room, this allows for all stock to be neatly hidden away. The remainder of the room then became a new coffee bar. The main objective of the design was to create a very clear customer journey, as the previous layout was always very confused, and crowded.

The new counters allow for a very distinct start and end point, to help flow the customers through the space. With very clear merchandising opportunities, and defined working spaces for the staff, the new coffee bar is a practical and beautiful addition to The Roundhouse.

The aesthetic combines a very natural and calm colour palette of brown oak and beige, with accents of black and grey. This is a world away from the bright orange walls of the previous space, and allows the enormous windows of the listed building to really take centre stage.

The result is a grown up space with a high street feel to it, filled with storage and merchandising opportunities.

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Project Details

  • August 2023
  • One week fit out
  • Bespoke Counter, Flooring, Decorations and Building Works

Render and Built